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In the event that you thought Hong Kong was simply skyscrapers and brilliant lights, guess what. It’s a blend of both stunning city scapes and the stunning scenes that encompass it. Here are my top most loved things to do in Hong Kong.

Things to do in Hong Kong

1. Octopus Card

Hong Kong/ Travel Wallet | I've struggled over the years to … | Flickr

Purchase an Octopus Card before you do any investigating. This helpful little card got us around the city by transport, train, cable car, and ship. We are exploring the roads of Hong Kong. Furthermore, when you leave Hong Kong, you can return the card and get any cash back that is left on the card.

2.Aqua Luna Cruise.

Aqua luna cruises are a wonderful method to see Victoria Harbor. Ship rides in Hong Kong are additionally a popular way to get around, yet I’d consider maintaining a strategic distance from the high velocity ships—evidently the increase in quick ship traffic has been seriously jeopardizing Hong Kong’s pink dolphin populace.

3. Victoria Peak.

Take in the view from Victoria Peak. While this is the more touristy approach to fume Hong Kong horizon, it’s one you can’t leave without encountering. We rode up by transport, which is the less expensive route,and rode down by Peak Tram.

At Victoria Peak, you can appreciate the skyline for free or you can pay to go up further to the Sky Terrace 428 for the most noteworthy panoramic view. It seems like it took everlastingly to get up hereto the Sky Deck however it is so awesome particularly around evening time to see Hong Kong all lit up. Show them, let them see with their own eyes. It’s so wonderful.

4. Lion Rock

My undisputed top choice. Climb Lion Rock! As far as I might be concerned, the view is far superior to Victoria Peak, and it’s free. It’s not famous among tourists,which is the reason it was so incredible. I just ran into a couple of local people and they were all amicable, so despite the fact that I handled this climb alone, I never felt risky. Definitely excellent. So he said Hong Kong island is over there and then this is the Kowloon Peninsula.


Ozone Hong Kong 13 | Daniel Gillaspia | Flickr

A more rich approach to encounter a decent view,is to taste a mixed drink at a housetop bar. We went to OZONE, the roof sky bar at the Ritz Carlton. Be careful however; they carefully implement their dress code after 9pm.

6.Hotel Icon

Don’t simply have a mixed drink with a decent view. Wake up to one! There are a lot of lodgings in Hong Kong with good sees, yet we picked Hotel Icon. They’ll even get you in a Tesla, my favorite vehicle organization, in the event that you book one of their clubs or suites for at least 2 evenings.

7.Symphony of Lights

File:Hong Kong, A Symphony of Lights (2).jpg

See a Symphony of Lights. Consistently at 8pm, you’ll see colorful lights and laser radiates erupting from the horizon on the two sides of Victoria Harbor.

8. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Walk around the Promenade. For additional astounding perspectives, stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade where you can appreciate looking at the design directly along the water. We’re strolling back to our inn and one thing that we’ve seen is that wherever you stop, there’s simply a truly beautiful view to take in. That’s right.

9.Electronic Market

Hong Kong, Apr-12 | Electronics market at night, where you c… | Flickr

Shop for gadgets! Despite the fact that it’s not however modest as it seemed to be several years prior, in the event that you go to the correct spots, you could possibly track down some great deals.

You can most likely go to Amazon and get this for less expensive. In any case, I haven’t started the exchange process so I’m almost certain it can go down lower in the event that you endeavor to haggle with them. This spot is colossal! I’ve never seen so numerous gadgets in my life. That was only one level. There’s even more to go.

10. Experience the Street Markets.

Hong Kong street market. | Mong Kok is a buzzing maze of nar… | Flickr

We went to Temple Street Night Market, You will get lots of stuff at moderate price. Don’t miss it.

11. Street food

In case you’re feeling excited, try some street food, particularly dim sum entirety on the off chance that you run over it. Tasty dishes awesome, you should attempt it.

12.Tai O

For a social encounter, visit Tai O, a fishing town on braces situated on Lantau Island. Here you can stroll around the town, eat traditional Cantonese food, and take a boat visit.

The boat visits frequently promote pink dolphin sightings, however tragically these wonderful animals are at risk for getting wiped out due to pollution and enormous scope development. You can likewise contact Hong Kong’s ship companies to request that they delayed down or sign the appeal to reroute ship traffic.

13.Big Buddha.

See the Big Buddha. You can do this during the equivalent excursion you make to Tai O town since it’s close by. The statue is very big and marvelous sight to witness.

14.Ngong Ping town

While visiting the Big Buddha, you can also explore Ngong Ping town. Yet, heads up, don’t expect a traditional cultural experience. This is a more popularized zone, complete with Western familiarities like Starbucks and Subway.

15.Ngong Ping Cable Car

Ngong Ping cable car | Alexander Savin | Flickr

Lastly, ride on the Ngong Ping Cable Car for some lovely view. It’s ideal to do this while it’s still light out however. Be there before sunset. You will witness best sunset over there. Likewise when you leave Hong Kong, don’t forget to retun the Octopus Card and get the balance refunded on the card.



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